Monday, 31 March 2014

Vintage Roses

Colours like these just ooze vintage to me!
These look so pretty & would compliment any room in your house - but most of all, somewhere where you can see them all the time!
Just far too pretty to be left in the entrance way, when you spend most of your time in the dinning room, kitchen or lounge

Gorgeous Vintage Arm Candy

I'm in love with all things pretty!!
Especially when it's as detailed as this & is such a gorgeous colour.
I always find it's the vintage little treasures that make me feel so much more special when they are worn as they come with history of being special at some point in time to someone else.

For sale at just $25.00

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Stairway in Heaven

Gorgeous Staircase....just love the sweeping style with the circle of tiles below on the floor as a centre point

Flameco lady!

One of my personal favourites...close to my heart! incredibly talented & sexy!....The Flameco Dancers.
They represent something so exotic & yet stunning in my mind....& something so incredibly mysterious.
This gorgeous retro original is up for grabs $129 + P& P.
measurements are 43 x 61cm.

Don't Wait!!

I totally believe in this & for those that are lucky enough to have travelled to many corners of the's your treasure's that express who you are and create 'a home'

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Beutiful things In Life

Vintage Mad Hatter's Tea Party #2

All party props were sketched & painted by me.
They are all for sale at a really reasonable price & should you need help with any others
I can help you out with that too!
All vintage tea cups & saucers are now for sale
Looking for help creating your party?? Let me help create your fun day around your budget!
No party needs to be expensive - just great planning & great ideas!!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Vintage Mad Hatter Tea Party

Ruby turns 5 with a "Vintage Mad Hatter's Tea Party"

I love Vintage, I love the Mad Hatter, I love creating parties - so I had an amazing time putting together and creating Ruby's 5th Birthday Party!

It takes time to pull off a party - well for me it does anyway.
Time is always something I am short of - so I always have to plan.
I kept numbers to a minimum as we played 'Croquet' and it was a set of 8 so that made it easy.
For most of my decorations I made - I got supplies from Spotlight.

I sketched & painted the life size props - of the Wicked Queen, Royal Rabbit & Cheshire Cat.
I also sketched & painted the Flamingos that I used on stakes in the ground where we played Croquet.
I created a menu for the actual 'tea party' and wrote a list to collect all the ingredients in one hit at the local supermarket.
The supermarket has a great selection of cake decorations, icings, colourings & flavourings. 
Be creative with these things as these are the best parts & fun to create!

For my husbands, myself & our eldest daughter's costumes along with other extra cute things to make the party a hit - they came from Amazon.
The tea sets, table crockery & cake stands, Ruby's vintage dress all came from a collection of second hand shops.

No party needs to be expensive to pull off - just time & a bit of thought & planning.
Ruby & her friends also had fun playing pass the parcel, musical chairs & statues.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Master Bedroom

After creating my white frame on the wall I decided I needed to compliment it with patterned wallpaper.
I chose one of the Vision Wallpapers from our local Resene store.
They are great quality and have a variety of papers to suit your budget.
The white frame was a solution to a high ceiling and how to avoid wastage with the wallpaper.
We have a 3.2m stud (12ft) and we only get approx three drops of wallpaper to a roll.
The wallpaper in the middle of the frame is also Resene.

Meet Ruby

Imaginative Play in the Woods - Autumn