Thursday, 20 March 2014

Vintage Mad Hatter Tea Party

Ruby turns 5 with a "Vintage Mad Hatter's Tea Party"

I love Vintage, I love the Mad Hatter, I love creating parties - so I had an amazing time putting together and creating Ruby's 5th Birthday Party!

It takes time to pull off a party - well for me it does anyway.
Time is always something I am short of - so I always have to plan.
I kept numbers to a minimum as we played 'Croquet' and it was a set of 8 so that made it easy.
For most of my decorations I made - I got supplies from Spotlight.

I sketched & painted the life size props - of the Wicked Queen, Royal Rabbit & Cheshire Cat.
I also sketched & painted the Flamingos that I used on stakes in the ground where we played Croquet.
I created a menu for the actual 'tea party' and wrote a list to collect all the ingredients in one hit at the local supermarket.
The supermarket has a great selection of cake decorations, icings, colourings & flavourings. 
Be creative with these things as these are the best parts & fun to create!

For my husbands, myself & our eldest daughter's costumes along with other extra cute things to make the party a hit - they came from Amazon.
The tea sets, table crockery & cake stands, Ruby's vintage dress all came from a collection of second hand shops.

No party needs to be expensive to pull off - just time & a bit of thought & planning.
Ruby & her friends also had fun playing pass the parcel, musical chairs & statues.

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