Wednesday, 16 April 2014

About me

Who am I?
I'm a mum of three great kids!

I work for a living - like most, but I have a passion for all things beautiful.
I can't help it - I am like a Magpie when it come's to spotting things.

In my spare time, I love trawling through junk & antique shops....or wandering around markets.
I love mixing the 'old with the new'.

I believe old things come with history of their 'previous lives' in homes of other people.
Put this in with your new stuff & you create a room with personality.

In a perfect world - I would love to help people create their home with things they love.
I know it can be extremely hard for people to pull colour & textiles together.

I'm pretty lucky that my husband let's me try different things in our house - constantly.

I studied Art at High School - but unfortunately left school early to work in an office
to help out my parents out at home.
Interior Design, & Fashion Designers were not a thing to pursue as a career in New Zealand in the 80's - or so my parent's thought.

But the thoughts of all things creative never left me.

I love the look of Vintage & the colour Pink.
I think it is Feminine.

Something that is quite often forgotten about today.
A lot of our fashion is 'Grunge' which is fine in the right place,
but I think it's important for a woman to express  their sensuality.

Woman are sexy.

And far too many these days have insecurities about the way they look.

I also believe it's important to create your 'own look' & feeling comfortable with that.

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