Thursday, 3 April 2014

Living style

I think overall I love a lot of all things great & small.
I love clean lines.
I love soft textiles to balance out the bold.
I love simple yet I love busy.
I love the look of cosy yet harsh.
But most of all I love to look at a picture & get the feel of what it would be like
sitting in that room.
What would I take & love from it?

I love that it would feel great to flop on this big couch & be instantly enveloped in warmth & plushness
from the fur.
I love that the pictures on the wall have captured something 'sexy' in the shot
adding emotion to the room & making me want to kick back with a glass of wine & wait for that same very feeling
to flow through my veins.

I love the severity of lines within this room.
The size of the plush rug & hide chairs balance this out.

I would love to entertain in here with friends.
I love that you could sit back & relax - or stand in front of the
fire, with drinks in hand & listen to great music
floating around the ceiling.

I love the sheer simpleness of this room, as it's warmth is created through the soft tone of pink.
The vase on the table replicates the roundness of the shades & the ambiance of the room
would become softer as night time falls with the lights - if the bulbs were of low voltage.

I love that this room instantly oozes charm & looks lived in.
Someone has a love of art as they have created a collage of their favorites.

I love that the white background creates freshness & the feeling I would get in here is
of bright & cheery.

Ooh I love that this instantly makes me think of the ultimate in apartment living.
It is of style & taste.
Without the large 'flotiki' rug...the room would look quite servere & sterile.
I love that I would like to sit in the chair right by the window
with my feet up to read the paper.

I love that this room is fun & yet peaceful.
I love that the severity of the room has been toned down
with the delicate chandelier. 
I love that it looks liked in & that clearly someone loves to read as the bookcase
has no organised flow & the letters to the side of the room represent this too.

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