Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Oh for the love of Turquoise!

"ONE" of my favorite colours


Generally this colour is always associated with something 'Exotic'.
Its extremely classy, soothing & eye catching

I love the look of 'Oriental'.
The Turquoise lamp - teamed up with the antique table & the moth orchid 
creates a look of class along with comfort.

How stunning is this!
This woman looks beautiful!

Once again a room of Turquoise with the Exotic bird - The Peacock

A lot of people who are superstitious - consider the feathers of a Peacock
to be bad luck.
In western parts of the world - the feathers of a Peacock mean Good Luck,
happiness & good fortune.

The sea is Turquoise - of which for most of us we associate 'soothing'

Used on the walls & doors it not only looks 'French' but that of extreme class

Painted here on an important building in Moscow to enhance the features around the windows

A designer gown in Turquoise Vintage Tulle

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