Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Creation of Eden continues.

The garden needed a focal point to drawer your eyes through the two circles to the back of the garden.

I also love the sound of water in a garden - so what better than to install a water feature.

Because of the shape of our garden was already 'circular' - the water feature had to
be of a similar shape in order for it to work.

By this stage the garden was well & truly taking shape.

You will note however, that there is also a change in style of my original plants.

Gone is the tropical theme I began with - thanks to the severe frosts.

The only things that really survived were the Queen Palms.

I love ponds in gardens too.

Having a water feature within your pond also helps keep the water circulating - therefore preventing 
algae build up & any mosquitoes.
We also bought large gold fish from the Tamahere Markets to live in the pond to help with
any mosquito larvae.

Another season passed & the loss of my Buxus hedging due to a mildew disease that spread
through the Waikato changed my planting again.
I introduced hardier hedging, that also gave quicker results.
It did mean a bit of work with the electric hedge trimmers but I think the effect with the two hedge
variants looked good next to each other.

Also the trimming of the hedge into square lines meant that it worked with the lines of the path.
I also knew I needed to balance this too with the main garden, so within
the square pots to the left of the photo - I planted 'Golf Balls' which grow round.

The great thing about my Queen Palms surviving also meant they started to tie in with the 
neighbors one that were extremely tall.
So in effect - I drew their garden into mine too.

Then came the outdoor fire!

Exciting times in June 2013 as we decided how good would an outdoor fire be!
But first foundations had to be dug & made as a strong base to install the fire on.

The length of the deck where the fire was to sit was perfect!

The truck turned up late one night from Tauranga to install the fire.
The outdoor fire we picked was from 'Flare'.

Our fireplace came in six pieces.

We were more than happy with the result!

Be sure to see my next post on my Blog with the finished look in 2014!

Should you need any help with your garden & the design of it along with choice of 
plants - I do consult for a small hourly rate.

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