Tuesday, 1 April 2014

William Vincent & Rose Matthews

Old - meets new.....generation.
This is the wedding day of two very special people in the photo.
Their names are "William Vincent & Rose Matthews".
To me they are/were my great grandparents 'Nanny Rose & Pop'.
They were married in the 1920s.
They arrived in New Zealand when they were both incredibly young.
They survived the 'depression' while they resided up the Thames Coast, New Zealand.
Nanny often spoke of those times, when all they had for a meal was boiled cabbage soup - because someone had randomly left a cabbage at their front door.  Without the kind heartedness of those - there would be nothing to eat that day.
When Rose sailed away from her home shores (originally from the Isle of White) - she left
her father & sister behind.
I recall on the odd occasions when Nan mentioned a letter had arrived in the post (to us snail mail) from her sister.
Nan never saw her father or sister again after she left. Travel was far too expensive for her & pop.
They had one child 'Eva' - a daughter - my grandmother.
Nanny Rose got incredibly sick after having Nana - so that was it Pop said.
Pop passed away when I was 5. I still remember him calling me 'Ally cat'.
Nanny Rose passed when I was 21 - she was 92.
Amazing how life would have been different for Nan if she had email & Skype to keep in touch with her loved ones!
How the times have changed.
But I just wanted to point out in my photo most of all - how it is possible to keep the vintage amongst the new and make it work!

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