Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The very latest of Eden - February 2014

Finally "7"years later - with a bit of maintenance, I have achieved 'our' Eden.
I 100% believe however, no one's garden is EVER finished or completed.
There are always things to do, renew, change, add or remove.

It has been a Summertime without hardly any rainfall - however, the lawn has been holding up well so far.

This is the view from down the back garden - from the side you don't see that is behind the garage.
The pond at the base of the water feature, unfortunately has had to have giant pieces of Bamboo spaced around the bottom of it due to the fact our water loving Labrador created a Tsunami in it every time she went for a swim!!
The poor fish didn't know what had hit them with all the waves!
The very cute 'Wendy House' (playhouse) has long since become my garden shed.
The children decided far too many spider's resided in it when they didn't play in it for a while - so they gave up.

That 'circular' gate that separate's the two gardens - note...still keeping to the circular theme.
Looking back towards the house.
I love it that the Queen Palm's have continued to thrive over the years.
It's a bit of a shame however, that directly behind the Flare fireplace the half round garden I had - got a disease and I unfortunately had to pull it out.
This space would definitely benefit from being replanted as it is a little bare.
The side entrance to the deck from the driveway
We have had many a great evenings and nights with friends around the fire!

With the outside fire on the deck as large as ours - for us, it has created almost another room for entertaining.
In a perfect world - we would love to build some sort of structure over the top that
is attached to the house that acts like a roof.

We have been so fortunate that directly behind the BBQ is one of the most amazing
Avocado trees ever!
It fruits 100% of the time!
Our dogs love it - because when the occasional Avocado drops on the ground
they get to eat it!
Healthiest dogs ever!
I never realised though, in order for an Avocado tree to fruit - a male tree and a female tree
have to be planted near each other to pollinate.
Luckily the neighbours have one directly beside ours on the other side of the fence.
We haven't figured out which is which - however, both constantly have Avocados on them.

The Bi Fold doors have been just awesome as once they are completely opened up and pushed back - it creates a perfect indoor outdoor flow.

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